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It is impossible to manage the whole forest on my own. Our partners will come and tell you why we get to work together!

Crystal Yeung

I graduated from the University of Hong Kong, majoring Biochemistry in 2003, the year of the SARS. I have been a vet assistant for 6 years and started in privated animal practices to help vets during consultations, surgeries and to look after hospitalized animals. Later on, I worked at the Ocean Park Veterinary Department and was the senior technician (live exhibit) of the Ark Expo, and my experience extended from companion animals to the exotics. In between, I obtained the First Aid Certificate, and the status of Automated External Defibrillation Provider, as well as the Prehospital Trauma and Life Support Provider with the Hong Kong St. John Ambulance. I’ll always remember that the animals supported the most difficult period of my life and that each grain of rice I eat or each piece of clothing I’m wearing are provided by them. Too many times, when the knowledge from the medical staffs, the intentions of the owners and the situations of the animals couldn’t be presented and understand by all parties, the animals cannot receive the most suitable treatment. I would like to share with you my experience, what the vets had taught me, and the up-to-date veterinary medical information I can obtain. Then we can all understand what do the animals living with us actually need.

Carlos Wan

I was disappointed with my job and was looking for changes to express what I am good at in 2009. I met a cute little girl, Flora in a Chinese Arts and Crafts shop and she suggested me to establish my own career. Therefore, I found my own company – Discovery Forest, and it is a road to “animal exhibition". I found this road adventurous and it takes more than Flora and myself to do it so I started looking for capable people since 2010 and the 1st stop was working in an organization with a live exhibit and from there I found my partners.

At the same time, I found most colleagues and friends are having many misconceptions about keeping animals. They are also influenced by myths spread to them since their childhood and that ended with “killing animals with kindness". There are also people who are selling animals but only partially understand about them and about what they need. They even tried to create a “professional image" by keeping important information about the animals from their clients or by teaching them partially correct and sometimes questionable “knowledge", adding to the misconceptions and the death toll of the animals. Unwilling to see this continue, I decided to start this blog, lay out the facts, bust the myths, and let all interested to share with everybody.


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